Personal Habits

Personal Habits

Cleanliness in personal practices is the initial mark of good breeding that strikes the observer. Not that a dandy is constantly an agent. However, a regular sloven can not be. The apparel put on at work might be unavoidably dirtied. The hands, when occupations include the handling of unclean materials. But “a little water clears us of this deed; exactly how simple is’ t after that!”

The neatly-dressed hair, the fresh clean skin well-kept teeth, the smooth polished nails, the spick-and-span linen as well as the classy tie, the well-brushed garments as well as the tidy boots, are all factors of good form in personal appearance.

The toilet when made should be considered finished.

The hands should not wander off to the hair to re-adjust hair-pins– a preoccupied practice. The worried dabbling ear-rings or brooches, or outfit switches, is one more quirk to be guarded against. The hands ought to find out the elegance of repose. It is a great accomplishment of worried control for a female to hold her hands still when they are not absolutely utilized.

If the perspectives of resting and standing are exercised under the instructions of the teacher of “physical culture,” one will most likely be innocent of such solecisms as thrusting the feet out to show the footwear. Sitting laterally, or cross-legged, or slipping halfway down in the chair, or flexing over a book in round-shouldered placement; shaking violently; beating a loud tattoo with restless toes. Basing on one foot with the body thrown away of line, etc., etc

Damaging the head or ears also selecting the teeth are operations. Those are properly attended to in one’s own dressing-room. The obvious use of the scarf remains in bad form. Blowing the nose is not an enjoyable demonstration at any time at the table is just unpardonable. An individual of meticulous taste will look after the nose in the quietest. And also most inconspicuous methods avoid disgusting other people of fastidious taste.

“Familiarity types ridicule.” Laying the hand upon one more’s head or shoulder, clinging to the arms, or concerning the waistline, is freedom that just near partnership or close friendship will excuse. Among small colleagues, it is unwarrantable freedom. Even at the impulsive “school-girl age” young ladies should be shown to ward off such under-bred experiences.